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Travel Insurance
You must be a resident of Canada to be eligible for Travel Insurance products.



Coverage Needed

Not sure which coverage is best for you?

Need to top up or add to existing coverage?
If you’ve purchased travel insurance or have a TD Visa credit card with existing coverage, call us to top up and extend your travel medical insurance.


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Travel Plans

Annual Plan Start Date

How long are you travelling for?
When would you like to start your coverage?
!Please provide the departure and return dates.Please provide the departure and return dates.
!Coverage is not available for trips of more than 182 days.
!Coverage is not available for trips of more than 212 days.
!Coverage is not available for trips of more than 365 days.

You’ll be covered from {{model.DepartureDate | date:'MM/dd/yyyy'}} to {{annualReturnDate | date:'MM/dd/yyyy'}}.

Take as many trips as you like of up to 17 days each. (Includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption).

For trips of 18 days or more you’ll need to purchase additional coverage.

How Many Travellers

How many people do you want covered?
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!Please select how many travellers.
You and one travelling companion
You, your spouse and any dependent children travelling with you
Each traveller 55+ will need to complete a medical questionnaire and apply for our Per Trip Plan or 55+ Extended Stay Plan as an individual and not as part of a couple or a family.

Click "next" and apply as a single traveller.

Age of Travellers


Government Health Insurance Plan


You've indicated you're not currently covered

To be eligible for coverage, all applicants must have a valid Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan.

For example:

  • Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  • British Columbia Medical Services Plan
  • Nova Scotia Health Insurance Program
  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan
  • Quebec Health Insurance Plan
  • Canada Forces Medical Coverage

If you're not currently covered, and therefore ineligible for our coverage, you may contact the OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance at for more information.